About Us
SEPTEMBER 01, 2016

Whee is an expression of glee or is used to express enjoyment especially by children. iWhee gets you to whee of your education and career over the internet.
What we provide at iWhee is an online system that enables to put your school, university or any kind of institution online and manage every activity over the internet. Regardless of the size of your institution, whether a small school with several classes, less number of teachers and students or a big school with multiple locations, nation-wide institutions or university with multiple batches, sections across various specialties and departments, we facilitate in combining data and metrics together to showcase your institution portfolio in a much better way.

When today’s world is engaged with various type networking that brings all kinds of resources together, iWhee focuses in getting you demonstrate the performance, growth and success of your institution globally.

While using iWhee, you can not only see statistical information, at various stages of the site we have consolidated data for you to analyze and further expand your institution.

The system is so easy to use that even with a novice data entry operator, your institution clerk or anyone who knows basic typing skills will be able to add/edit/delete/manage your institutional information online.

What more, you have the complete permission to restrict any data that you do not want to display to the public, teachers, parents, students or your support staff.
Signup for free, and create your institution by submitting basic details of your institution. During submission you would have to provide scanned copies of your institution ownership or any document that proves you own or manage the institution. This stage of document verification is required to avoid institutions being created bots or spammers.
It’s completely free to use and manage your institution via iWhee online system.
We provide a fully free support system that will assist the institution heads in case of any assistance required.